Unity Urology - Greeneville, TN


Unity Urology uses hand-assisted laparoscopy as opposed to standard laparoscopy. In hand-assisted laparoscopy, the surgeon places his non-dominant hand in the abdomen through a 3-4 inch long incision. A camera and surgical instruments are placed through separate incisions. The surgeon uses his dominant hand to guide the laparoscopic instruments, clipping blood vessels and dissecting tissue. The surgeon’s hands work together to perform a faster and safer procedure. Normally used for surgery on the kidney or adrenal gland, this procedure takes roughly 2-4 hours. After a 2-3 day hospital stay, the patient generally resumes normal activities within 2-4 weeks.

Hand-assisted laparoscopy not only shortens the hospital stay and recovery time, but it can yield reduced scarring and use for analgesics post-procedure.

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